About us

IES provides a personal touch when it comes to our caring service; from the moment of first contact with us, all the way through, to the completion of our commitment to you.
Right away, you will be greeted warmly, and we can guarantee you an attentive ear at all times.
At IES, our mission is to save lives. Each client is extremely important to us, and we offer the greatest care with every professional detail.

IES Medical Tourism

We provide free, round-trip airfare to the Holy Land for all our clients. From the point of each clients’ home airport; to the moment of boarding the plane, our clients are accompanied by a personal flight attendant. Upon arrival in Israel, our clients are then taken to an English-speaking driver who is standing by to welcome you, and equip you with a local SIM card for your cell phone. From  transportation is provided to and from the hospital. The same driver will transport you to Jerusalem and will remain at your disposal, 24/7.

In addition, our services include assisting our clients in finding suitable accommodations during their stay. We also ensure our professional services of diagnostics and specialized treatments will take place without long waiting lines, and in the shortest time possible.
Also, as part of our customer care services, IES will ensure the translation of all medical documents into English, within 24 hours of their receipt.
At the end of treatment, and care, our clients are accompanied by a VIP escort, back to the airport for their return flight home. After returning home, our clients will hear from an IES representative from Israel, who will remain in contact, via internet, for follow-up care.